The G.R.A.S. approach to measurement microphones

With the unique transducer combinations G.R.A.S. introduced a new approach to measurement microphones and to measurement data safety.

By analyzing the feedback from our multi- as well as single-channel users we realized that there was a need for a different philosophy when choosing and using acoustic sensors.

Daily situations where you mix up externally polarized and prepolarized microphones and preamplifiers or use wrong calibration data in the system setup are time consuming. Often these situations are undiscovered until a whole set of measurement data is analyzed and consequently discarded.

Preassembled sets

These situations are solved by preassembling G.R.A.S. microphones and preamplifiers. The combination of microphone and preamplifier is
carefully selected to obtain the best properties and reliability, thus optimizing the workflow for the user and minimizing typical handling errors.

The sets are assembled in a dust free environment to avoid contamination of the interface between the microphone and preamplifier and have
been sealed with a label. The label can be removed and the set dismantled, if desired by the user.